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Children Slowly Returning to School in Nepal

1 JUN 2015
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The April 25 earthquake that shook Nepal and killed over 7,000 people left the country in shambles. Despite this, students are beginning to head back to school—in the form of temporary bamboo and tarp shelters. 8,000 schools were destroyed in the quake, and rebuilding efforts are still long into the future.

But the government knows that the future of their country cannot wait for these repairs to be made. The Nepalese government plans to open 15,000 temporary learning centers until the destroyed schools can be built over the next two years.

To assist in these efforts, the United Nations has distributed education kits to these learning centers, which contain resources like puzzles and picture books. Many of the school activities in these learning centers will be light, and focused on psychologically rehabilitating children, some of who may have lost family members in the earthquake.

Source: BBC News