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Children with Higher Educated Parents Earn Higher Income

31 OCT 2014
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A recent study on U.K. citizens by the Institute of Education (U.K.-based education research university), has revealed that the sons and daughters of less educated parents earn less than the sons and daughters of university graduates—even if the children have the same education. The difference can be up to 6% less income for men and 11% less for women. Some countries, such as Australia and Germany appeared to be more meritocratic—meaning that advancement in society is based on merit and personal intelligence. Other countries like South Korea and the U.K. were less equal in the fact that parental education had a direct effect on one’s outcome in life.

Why this is so, is place-specific. Countries like the U.K. tend to reward employees for going to a “good” school, whereas in other countries “a degree is a degree” no matter where it comes from. People who have better financial resources also have the ability to work at unpaid internships and then take up higher-paid jobs, whereas those with less money often start with very low paying jobs.

How do you think parent’s education affects a child’s career outcome in Canada?

Source: The Guardian