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Changing a Community with Colour, Paint and Design

14 NOV 2014
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Two artists have set out on a journey to change communities through the simple act of adding art. Artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn have traveled to some of the poorest regions of Rio de Janiero and Philedelphia, and  joined the community as resident artists for several years at a time. Their mission was to turn high poverty and high crime areas into closer-knit communities which encouraged peace. Their method: painting houses with bright, colourful designs. The two artist employ residents from these communities to help them with their painting. One of the most stunning pieces they have done is turn a sloping concrete street into a painted river of koi fish, as a part of the Rio Favela Painting project.

Koolhaus and Urhahn intend to continue their mission of improving downtrodden areas through painting. They are funded mainly by donations and grants. Art from the Favela project has been featured at art shows in Amsterdam, and in the 2012 book “Design Like You Give a Damn”.