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Carleton U. Students in Charge of Developing New National Gallery

19 NOV 2014
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In a once in a lifetime opportunity, students enrolled in the “Museums, National Identity and Public Memory” history course at Carleton University are being given the chance to help develop a new gallery at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec.

The gallery, called the “Canadian History Hall” will open on Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation, July 1st 2017, and replace the old Canadian Hall. It will be the most comprehensive exhibit on Canadian history ever developed. But how does this tie in with a university history class?

Well, students of the Carleton class have to develop proposals for curators on ways to share and handle the pre-colonial history which will be incorporated in the Canadian History Hall. The new revamped hall will not “shy away from telling difficult stories in Canadian history” as some thought the old Canadian Hall did.

An example of one student approach includes dedicating a part of the exhibit to the Underground Railroad—an intricate system of underground tunnels and safehouses which housed slaves from the South trying to escape to free states and Canada.

Do you think university assignments should take a more hands-on approach such as this?

Source: University Affairs