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Canadian Government Engaging Students in a 150 Year Old Mystery

26 MAY 2015
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John Franklin’s famously tragic 1845 arctic expedition has been called one of Canada’s most famous cold cases—no pun intended. The HMS Terror and HMS Erebus ships and all 120 crew members were declared missing and presumed dead, with little to no understanding of what happened to the crew, or where their ships disappeared to.

This past September, Parks Canada archaeologists searching for the lost ships found the remains of the HMS Erebus, after decades of searching. Since then, Parks Canada has made little progress in exploring the ship, due to the winter freezing the arctic ice. Now, with the ice melted, Parks Canada is opening up the John Franklin expedition mystery to high school students in Canada.

The Canadian government has created a website for curious students to explore historical documents and other information surrounding the sinking of the two ships—ultimately involving students in the archaeological process.

The online mystery will be launched on June 4th.

This September, Parks Canada will launch another deep sea dive in search of John Franklin’s other ship, the HMS Terror—which is rumoured to have sank off the West coast of King William Island, Nunavut.

Source: CBC News