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Canada Promises $130 Million to Syrian Refugee Education

23 APR 2015
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International Development Minister Christian Paradis recently announced that Canada will pledge $130 million towards assisting in the education of Syrian and Sudanese refugee children. UNICEF recently released a report which stated that an astonishing 14 million children are affected by the conflict in Syria. The truth is that without some form of aid, these children will miss  out on an education, and become another generation lost to war. Currently, 83% of Syria is without electricity—not only affecting the quality of life, but significantly limiting the hours of the day that children can be in school. Students that don’t have access to education in Syria are also at a higher risk of being recruited to fight.

While it has always been a Canadian policy to take a stand in international affairs, what does this pledge of $130 million mean when there are also so many education needs here at home?

Source: Global News