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Cambridge University Considers Bringing Back Entrance Exams

22 SEP 2015
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The Telegraph reports that Cambridge University, Cambridge England, is planning to reintroduce a universal entrance exam for the first time in an entire generation. Due to an excess of A-level grades, the university is having difficulty identifying the brightest of students.

Should Cambridge University make the decision to bring back the entry test, it would be taken by all applicants while still at school in order to provide evidence of their academic performance.

Some academics have expressed concerns regarding the reintroduction of such tests, questioning whether they are still as relevant as they once were. Professor of experimental psychiatry Barbara Sahakian told the Sunday Times: “What people are concerned about is whether the A-level exam results still mean quite the same thing as they used to mean. There are a lot of students getting very high grades but not all of them would have got those grades in the past, so it is hard to discriminate between candidates.”

Entrance Exam Format

The entrance exam would include a language aptitude test, a thinking skills assessment, multiple choice questions and a 45-minute essay. And of course, the exam results would indicate which students would be selected for interviews and to start a degree.

Cambridge has yet to make a final decision regarding the entrance exams. A spokesman for the university stated “whatever decision is taken, all applicants will continue to be assessed holistically.”

What are your thoughts on university entrance exams?


Source: The Telegraph