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California School Opts for All-Vegan Menu, Raises Controversy

12 NOV 2015
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Assorted raw organic vegetables

MUSE School in Calabasas, California recently decided to become the first school in the U.S. to offer its students an exclusively vegan menu. The private school’s decision caused uproar, with concerned parents withdrawing 40% of its students.

School director Jeff King claims that despite criticism, the school never once question its stance. The decision to move to an all-vegan diet wasn’t because of any ethical or animal rights concerns, but rather because maintaining an animal diet goes against the MUSE founding principle of environmental sustainability.

“We teach our students how much more land and water are needed to produce a pound of beef versus grain,” said King, “and we couldn’t truly call ourselves sustainable without eating this way.”

The school sources close to half of the produce it uses from own gardens. Despite all of the controversy, there have been no complaints from the children since the switch was made 2 months ago. They’ve been enjoying delicious meals such as burritos, vegetarian chili, and lemon-garlic pasta.


Source: The Guardian