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“Brilliant Labs” Comes to Nova Scotia Schools

8 APR 2015
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A recent review of Nova Scotia’s education system called for a revamp of the curriculum–specifically in the areas of technology and engineering. To meet these needs, Premier Stephen McNeil has put $400,000 into funding Brilliant Labs in the classroom.

Brilliant Labs is an Atlantic Canada-based company that specializes in technology support for classrooms. Brilliant Labs offers schools the tools they need to challenge students with hands-on projects related to a STEAM curriculum (science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, arts and math). Students can learn a vast array of skills and techniques in areas such as metalwork, fashion design, programming and audio engineering—things typically not able to be taught in a high school classroom. Students will even have access to 3D printers through Brilliant Labs.

Premier McNeil has stated that this program could bring out “the next Steve Jobs” in the children of Nova Scotia’s school boards.

Brilliant Labs is also in partnership with other youth education foundations such as Hour of Code, Planet Hatch and dozens more.

Source: Global News
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