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Brainly Takes a New Mobile Focus

17 MAR 2015
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Social media study group Brainly has now been on the internet for five years, and recently announced their foray into mobile phone applications.

Brainly is a large social media website, with approximately 30 million users, and around 600 volunteer teacher moderators. The aim of the social media group is to help students study through gamification. Students can ask questions, but it will cost them points. In order to earn points, they have to answer other peoples study question. Questions are categorized into subject matter (History, Math, Physics etc.), and range in difficulty. The “Brainliest Users” of the site are announced daily and monthly, to showcase the users with the most points and questions answered.

While successful online, Brainly wants to move much of their focus to mobile apps. Improved mobile access means that students can access help for their homework no matter where they are studying, as long as they have some sort of mobile device. This will make Brainly more efficient, and maybe even encourage new users to join.

Source: Education News