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Book By Concordia Professor Shortlisted for Governor General’s Award

13 OCT 2015
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Jean-Philippe Warren—a professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada—has been writing a biography about Honoré Beaugrand for the past 10 years. Warren’s hard work is finally paying off as his book, Honoré Beaugrand: La plume et l’épée (1848–1906) has been shortlisted for a 2015 Governor General’s Award!

Warren’s book has been listed in the category of French non-fiction and the winners will be revealed on Wednesday, October 28th, at

What is this potentially award-winning book about?

Honoré Beaugrand: La plume et l’épée (1848–1906) is (as one might suspect from its title) a biography about the 19th Century radical reformer, Honoré Beaugrand. While common knowledge states that Beaugrand was a liberal republican and a twice-elected city mayor, Warren’s book is actually the first major biography on Beaugrand.

And since there is little information about Beaugrand’s life, tons of research was required in order to successfully complete his life story. Says Jean-Philippe Warren; “It meant reading 40 years’ worth of daily and weekly newspapers — not only newspapers in Montreal, where there were 10 dailies, but newspapers where he lived in New England, Ottawa and Louisiana.”

Source: Concordia News