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New Bill Passes Allowing Guns on Texas Campuses

8 JUN 2015
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A controversial new bill was passed Sunday in the U.S. which will allow college students in Texas to bring guns onto campus.

As of August 16 when the bill goes into effect, students 21 and over with a gun license will be permitted to carry a concealed handgun to school.

Why on earth would this be necessary?

Pro-gun advocates and the NRA are cheering on this new bill as a means of providing personal safety for students. 50 years ago on August 1, 1966, the University of Texas at Austin became home to the country’s first mass school shooting. 16 were killed and 32 were injured.

Protestors of the bill include former Navy Admiral William McRaven, who led the attack on Osama bin Laden’s compound, and Jonathan Panzer, director of gun-advocacy group Texas Gun Sense.

Texas unfortunately is not the only state to allow guns on campus. Following the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007, several states have begun permitting handguns on campus.

What are your thoughts on allowing handguns on college campuses?

Source: USAToday