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Big Push for Educators to Use Minecraft in Classrooms

3 JUL 2015
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Some teachers have been using it for years. Even primary schools are introducing it to their computer labs. Now, Microsoft is making the move to push all educators to incorporate Minecraft into the curriculum.

Described by many as a “sandbox” game, Minecraft allows users to arrange blocks to build structures, landscapes, and pretty much anything they can imagine—similar to Lego. Microsoft, who just bought the company for $2.5 billion, has been pushing educators to use the game in the classroom, as it helps teach:

  • Calculating perimeter, area and volume to build buildings
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Math

Some educators are even using Minecraft to provide young children with an introduction to programming.

In Australia, Minecraft has also been used as the tool for a national competition, where children design their perfect national park using Minecraft.

The game, which was originally designed for adults, has become popular with children in recent years. Minecraft is available as a PC game, for Xbox and also as an app for Android and IOS devices.

Have you ever used Minecraft? What educational purposes do you think it serves?

Source: Global News