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Barnes and Noble Will Now Have a Separate Education Division

15 JUL 2015
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The ever-expansive Barnes and Noble has already brought over 600 bookstores to all 50 states in the US, and runs nearly 700 college and university bookstores across the country. After more than 100 years of serving book-hungry Americans, Barnes & Noble is now interested in entering an entirely separate business—education.

Barnes and Noble Education will be mostly separate from current B&N bookstores. They will focus more heavily on the college bookstore realm—even eventually offering more company-made and education-based products. Many people might not know it, but Barnes and Noble actually acquired the well-known student online resource SparkNotes – which has gone on to publish several resources for students.

What will Barnes and Noble Education bring for college and high school students in the near future? We’re certain that huge innovations are on the way.

Source: The Wall Street Journal