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Backpacks That Charge Your Devices en Route to School

12 FEB 2015
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Carrying books, school supplies, gym clothes, assignments and whatever else students need, there’s hardly (read: NEVER) any spare room for gadgets like cell phone or laptop chargers. On top of this, students are often forced to buy new phone chargers for the ones they leave behind at friends’ houses, in the library etc – and the last thing a student wants to buy is a replacement charger. Thankfully, electronics company Tylt has developed a way that students will never need to bring a charger anywhere again.

Tylt recently released their Energi Plus backpack, which has the ability to charge tablets, cellphones, eReaders and more. The source battery takes 7 hours to charge, and then can be used to charge other devices.

Another company, SmartBackpack will be arriving with their own charging backpack which can actually charge laptops too. The battery device inside of the bag is also equipped with a tracking app, so that if your phone gets too far away, the app with alert you of potential theft.

But the monster of all charging laptops is the Phorce Pro. This backpack/messenger bag/briefcase holds enough battery power to charge an iPhone 14 times and has 3 USB plugs.

Would you buy a charging backpack for school?

Source: NY Times