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Asian Schools are Rising in the Ranks of MBA Programs

9 DEC 2014
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Some may say an MBA is an MBA, but for many companies, the school matters. The truth is that not all MBA programs are created equally, and having an MBA from a reputable school makes a student inevitably more hireable. Global rankings can really help a student narrow down their options, and get a grasp on what schools are best suited towards their needs.

What many students are finding today is that there are options aplenty just over the Pacific. Given the rapidly developing business economy of countries like South Korea and China, attending a business school somewhere in the same locale may help students get their foot in the door for these companies. Many foreign schools offer programs in English, and will even help students learn foreign languages to improve their business profile.

Asian schools have been rising in employer esteem, with universities such as the University of Tokyo ranking higher than even Columbia University in terms of global employability.

Currently the most popular business schools in Asia are:

1. INSEAD – Singapore

2. NUS Business School, Singapore

3. HKUST Business School, Hong Kong

4. Nanyang Business School, Singapore

5. Peking University, China

Source: NY Times