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New Arts Education Day in Canada

24 FEB 2015
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Canada’s first ever arts-based education celebration will take place on Feb 25. #ArtsEdDay, as it will be called, was created to raise awareness of the importance of arts education and how it can change lives. The hashtagged title is meant to encourage expression of arts education on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The initiative began with the organization, who believes that school performance is attached to a child`s access to art classes. A way to bridge the gap between poverty-stricken students and good grades is to incorporate more art classes into schools—especially those in low-income areas.

The organization raises money for arts programs by working with other arts organizations, fundraising and volunteering. Many of their programs take place outside of school, because they believe that children perform with higher engagement when they are not in a school setting.

Art Bridging the Gap also puts immense efforts into tracking the progress of their students. By evaluating their arts programs, they have a better chance at ensuring these programs positively affect children and help them on the road to success.