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Artists Graffiti Low-Income School for a Cause

19 FEB 2015
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Talk to anyone who has attended to a low-income school – they might describe it as something like prison. Many schools that cater to families below the poverty line are made using cheap materials, with little emphasis on design or comfort. Schools ends up looking like a low-security prison and massively inspiring for the students.

The Jose de Diego Middle School in Miami was one of these schools – that is until various artists were introduced to the surrounding neighborhood of empty warehouses. While the city block may have seemed desolate to many, these artists saw a blank canvas. Renowned graffiti artists slowly began trickling into the area.

Everything changed when a new principal was hired – one whose very focus was to introduce the arts back to Jose de Diego. The principal partnered with two arts groups, and artists in fact began offering to paint the school for free. When graffiti artists came to town for Art Basel – one of the largest art festivals of the year – the school asked if each major artist would contribute a mural to the outside wall. They agreed.

Now, the Jose de Diego school is a sea of colour. Students have exclaimed their excitement for their new school – and students who love the arts have found new inspiration to pursue their dreams.

Source: Huffington Post