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Applying for a Job? Here Are Some Things You’ll Want to Leave off Your CV

18 SEP 2015
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If you’ve recently graduated from a career college or university and you’re planning to apply for jobs, there are a few things you may want to leave off of your resume.

A recent study conducted by New College of the Humanities has revealed that certain phrases, errors and even tones irritate employers and can motivate them to stop reading your CV and pass on your candidacy.  Here’s what you should remove from your CV to better your chances of landing a job:

Unprofessional Items

First and foremost, do not use emoticons in your CV. Not only is doing so unprofessional, but research has found that 42 per cent of employers actually despise seeing them. Similarly, an unprofessional email address might decrease your chances of landing the job as well—so if you’re still using the same one from high school that has a silly nickname in it; it’s probably time for an update.

Common Phrases & Grammatical Errors

The study found that some of the phrases that are used on almost all CVs tend to annoy many employers. Have you ever indicated that you are a “team player” or a “problem solver?” Well, the Telegraph reports such phrases to be “infuriating” to those reading them. Here are some others to avoid using:

  • Excellent written communication skills
  • I’m proactive
  • I’m a hard worker
  • I’m a good listener
  • I work well under pressure

Grammatical errors and casual sign-offs (like cheers, ciao and thx) should also be avoided. It’s always best to have a few close friends or family members look over your CV—they may be able to spot an error you missed! And of course, professional sign-offs like “regards,” “kind regards” and “sincerely” are always the best option for resumes and cover letters.

Are you guilty of any of these resume writing faux-pas?


Source: The Telegraph