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Is Apple Losing the Battle on the Education Front?

15 JAN 2015
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MacBooks are a staple of the typical university lecture hall, downtown cafes, libraries and anywhere else you’ll find a hardworking 20-something. Despite the spike in popularity of Apple products in the late 2000s, many experts in higher education are now predicting a gradual downfall of its grasp on the education sector. This is highlighted by Google’s already powerful approach to education technology.

What’s the first indicator that Apple’s presence will soon dwindle – the rapid popularity gained by Google’s Chromebook. Chromebook come with Google Drive and Google Classroom and is an affordable $250, compared to the $1500+ price tag of a MacBook.

Apple is also losing the battle in the mobile department. Although the iPad and iPhone currently have an undying fan base, Android phones powered with Google are being made in sizes just slightly smaller than an iPad mini with all the same functionality (again, for cheaper). Apple products are also becoming known for their severe bugs, and the last round of Apple updates were largely unsuccessful.

On top of the unsuccessful recent developments by Apple (iPhone 6), Apple’s word processing and work-related software has – needless to say – not hit it big. Offices and schools still use Excel, Word, PowerPoint and many companies use Gmail and Google Drive to share information. Apple software such as Apple Mail and iCal have simply not caught on.

What do you think – is Apple becoming obsolete in the realm of education?

Source: Inside Higher Ed