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New App Labelled “The Instagram for Doctors”

28 AUG 2014
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New App Labelled  the Instagram for Doctors

A new app for cellphones with the name “Figure 1” has been developed in Canada for healthcare professionals. The app was developed by Dr. Joshua Landy, who recognized that doctors were increasingly using picture texts to send photos of patient ailments to colleagues in other hospitals or even in other parts of the world.

Landy’s main concern was the privacy of patients, which sometimes couldn’t be provided through normal picture messaging. Figure 1 allows doctors to block out faces and swipe the screen to black out personal information on patient files.

The ability to quickly send photos from the doctor’s office means quick feedback from a physician specializing in other areas of medicine. The photo app is also meant to act as information bank for medical professionals, either for reference or to comment on photos and aid other physicians in their diagnosis. Although only those in the healthcare profession have the ability to post photos and comment, the general public has access to view these photos and read physician’s comments.

New healthcare professionals or studying medical students may find this app helpful to receive the expertise of experienced physicians. The future expectations for this app are to be able to faster develop a diagnosis for rare conditions and treat patients with greater accuracy.

What are your thoughts on doctors sharing photos via the Figure 1 app?

Watch a video demonstration of the app, provided by The Globe and Mail

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