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America’s Native Education in a “State of Emergency”

8 DEC 2014
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In a White House report on the state of Native American education, some sadly unshocking truths were revealed. The “2014 Native Youth Report” released December 3rd, stated bleakly that “Native youth—native education, is in a State of Emergency”.

It’s the first time a sitting president has spoken of Native education since Kennedy.

The report had 4 key points:

1. Even in 1944, the Committee of Indian Affairs stated “The goal of Indian education should be to make the Indian child a better American rather than to equip him simply to be a better Indian.”

2. 92% of Native American children attend public schools and only 18% are deemed proficient in reading via the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress.

3. Many Bureau of Indian Affairs schools (schools designated for Native American children) are in poor working condition. Another $967 million is needed to repair all these schools.

4. The current school curriculum does not do enough to incorporate culturally relevant material pertaining to Native Americans. A lack of culturally relevant material is believed to also be the reason for such low grades among Native American students. More Native American culture in schools would bring further educational engagement.

This is the first report of its kind in the US. If you would like to read the annual Canadian Aboriginal Affairs report for 2013, click here:  Report on Plans and Priorities – Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.

Source: Huffington Post