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Amazon Opened Its First Physical Bookstore in Seattle on Tuesday

5 NOV 2015
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There’s no denying that every book-lover has got his or her favourite, go-to independent book shop. There’s something about small bookstores that make them so irresistible to all readers—whether it’s the fact that people are greeted by an actual human being (as opposed to a virtual checkout box), or perhaps it’s the excellent service and suggestions they receive from the kind staff. It could even have something to do with the pleasure people get from knowing they are supporting their local economy. Whatever your reason may be, chances are that since 1995, your favourite bookstore has either lost a good portion of its client base, or has closed its doors altogether.

In 1995, Amazon came along and took the world by storm, introducing consumers to discounted books at the click of a button, while ensuring that tons of indie bookshops went out of business (there’s no way they could compete with a company that has no physical overhead costs after all).

If you’re wondering why this history lesson is relevant, you may not have heard the news yet: Amazon—the online retail giant that has put many a bookstore out of business—has decided to open a physical bookstore of its very own.

Suffice it to say, many readers have taken to social media to express their very strong feelings about Amazon’s recent business move—the most popular one being disdain. While there has only been talk of the single Amazon location that opened up in Seattle, readers have begun showing their support for their own local bookstores via the internet, with the hopes of stopping Amazon from starting a chain.

What is the name of your favourite local bookstore?

Source: The Verge