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Amazon Introduces New Textbook Publisher

28 JAN 2015
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Any students who has tried to put a digital copy of their textbook onto an eReader has likely run into some sort of problem. Oftentimes this issue has to do with improper formatting, which is a result of the document not being designed to be read on an eReader.

Amazon is going to tackle this problem once and for all. The mega company which is parent to the popular Kindle Fire eReader, has developed a new application for Kindle Direct Publishing authors. The tool is meant to use by educators and textbook publishers to format their textbooks into an eReader friendly design. The tool also helps educators incorporate digital experiences into their textbooks, such as highlighting, built-in dictionaries, flashcards and notes.

The tool can also help educators reformat PDFs, course notes and readings. The Amazon tool is designed to help upgrade current e-textbooks, whereas competing apps such as Apple’s iBooks Author are meant for creating whole new books from start to finish.

Source: Education News