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A Look at Alternative Education: Redmond Proficiency Academy

23 JUN 2015
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While there’s no doubt that public schools provide adequate education to millions of students each year in America, teacher Jon Bullock could recognize that the system wasn’t working for everyone. That’s why he began the charter school Redmond Proficiency Academy in Oregon.

At RPA, the curriculum is loose, meaning that kids of all skill level and learning type have an equal opportunity in school. Along with a January assignment make-up session which many schools don’t offer, RPA also offers students unique classes, like “The Science of Bread Making”, “Mobology”, and “Wilderness and Remote First Aid.”

One interesting example of the inclusiveness of RPA, is through this example of how an English teacher may handle a student who has difficulty determining a thesis:

Students who struggle with their ability to construct thesis-based arguments about a novel, poem, or play in an English class have taken walks with their teachers and shared their ideas and analyses of the texts while the teacher took notes. The teacher, then, sits down with the students and helps them see the structured nature of their thinking, and helps them convert the notes into an outline for a paper.”

How does this school differ from your high school experience? Would you like to attend a high school like Redmond Proficiency Academy?

Source: The Atlantic