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Actor Steve Martin Borrows Painting from U of T Art Gallery

22 OCT 2015
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understanding art at exhibition opening

Recently, a prominent actor sent out a Tweet that mentioned one specific Canadian University—the University of Toronto. The Tweet read: “Thank you, University of Toronto, for lending the US Harris’s wonderful Isolation Peak.”

Has Martin developed a taste for Canadian art? The short answer is yes, however, he borrowed this particular painting for an entirely different reason…

Steve Martin, the American actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer and musician, has recently added a new title to his long and diverse list of professions—art curator. In fact, he has been working very closely with art curators Cynthia Burlingham, from the Hammer Museum (Los Angeles, California, U.S.), and Andrew Hunter from the Art Gallery of Ontario, to organize an art show called “The Idea of North.”

The art show is meant to introduce Americans to Canadian painter Lawren Harris (1885-1970). Martin expressed his concern over the fact that Harris’ work has yet to be introduced to Americans, telling the New York Times: “He’s Canada’s greatest artist and nobody in America knows who he is, with a few exceptions.”

To complete his art show, Steve Martin has been tracking down and borrowing Harris paintings from around Canada. And, he just so happened to have stumbled upon one painting at none other than the University of Toronto. As such, Martin has borrowed U of T’s Harris painting Isolation Peak, Rocky Mountains, inviting it to join about 30 other Harris paintings in Martin’s exhibition.

The show opens on Oct. 11 in Los Angeles and will be traveling through Boston and Toronto until its final showing on January 24.


Source: U of T News