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Want Above-Average School Grades? Eat a Healthy Breakfast!

18 NOV 2015
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Calling all students (and their parents)! The results are in—eating a healthy and well-balanced breakfast each morning does in fact have a positive effect on academic success. Parents and teachers have been saying it for years, and for years students have resisted eating their oatmeal and yogurt, opting instead for sweets and pastries.

A study published in the Public Health Nutrition Journal, by researchers at the Cardiff University, examined the connections between the breakfast habits and academic performance of 5,000 students (aged 9 to 11) from 100 primary schools in Wales. The results showed that the students who regularly consumed healthy breakfast items achieved above average assessments compared to students who did not.

Earlier this year, a poll of 900 teachers showed that students who arrive at school feeling hungry or thirsty are more sluggish. In fact, 83 per cent of the teachers polled said that their students are unable to focus and concentrate in class if they have not eaten a proper breakfast.

Many schools in the UK have already taken notice of such trends and have begun offering their students a nutritious breakfast!

What do you typically eat for breakfast?


Source: The Telegraph