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5 Most Famous Haunted Campuses

30 OCT 2014
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5 most haunted universities

Everyone loves a good ghost story, and seeing as we are a day away from Halloween, we thought to explore the many famous stories attached to campuses around the world. When we picture a haunted house, we picture a century-old building with some dark and disturbing secret. We even begin to expect these ghostly circumstances to occur in buildings such as these. Thus, we can see how a university like Oxford University—the oldest English university in the world—has some particularly creepy stories from its 1,000 year past. Without any further ado, here are the 10 most famous haunted campuses and their story. Read with the lights on…

5. University of Bristol

The 100 year old University of Bristol in England has reported many strange occurrences on campus, including a headless horseman, a singing lady in the basement and strange ghostly figures floating along the grounds.

4. University of Toronto

While the University of Toronto is not one of the older campuses we’ll see on this list, it definitely has its fair share of ghost stories. The school even hosts tours around this time of year to showcase its “haunted” buildings, many which are built in Gothic architectural style. The story is that a Russian stonemason helping construct the U of T buildings was murdered by his foreman, who hid the body in the ventilation shaft. It is reported that several years later when the building burned down, a body was uncovered.

3. Ohio University

There are two areas of the Ohio University campus that are actually blocked off because of supernatural occurrences. Wilson Hall and Room 428 were sealed off to students after students living in residence there reported objects flying off shelves and doors opening and closing. The Ridges Building on campus, which was also largely widely thought to be haunted, was ordered to be demolished in 2013.

2. Cambridge University

As one of the oldest universities still in use today, there is a record of ghost stories at Cambridge. The legend goes that Oliver Cromwell, then the most hated man in England, was dug up from his grave and his head put on “display” at Westminster Hall. He was later reburied at Cambridge, where many have seen his ghost gliding around the campus grounds.

1. Oxford University

The library at St. John’s college is allegedly haunted by the headless ghost of Archbishop William Laud, a former academic of Oxford University who would later become the president of St. John’s College before his persecution and death in 1645. Another famous ghost at Oxford is the ghost of Rosamund the Fair, mistress of King Henry II. After her affair with Henry II, Rosamund retired to a nunnery at Oxford where she was allegedly poisoned and died.

Source: Times Higher Education