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5 Best Cities for Students

25 NOV 2014
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Planning on starting university abroad, but not sure what the student life is like out there? This list might help you find the best place for you to live affordably, get a great education and have the most fun on weekends!

Paris, France

Although Paris is known to be an expensive place to live, cheap tuition fees really make up for it ($2,000/year)! The global livability ranking for this city is 16th in the world, and its top institution ENS Paris is ranked 28th in the world. Students also have discounted transportation and museum fees. There is also an abundance of history in France, which makes it a great place for anyone doing research, say a Ph.D!

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne may be the less popular sibling of Sydney, but this city with a population of 4 million has no shortage of activities for young people! Along with being Australia’s cultural capital and an international center for performing and visual arts, Melbourne also has the largest tram network in the world—perfect for sightseeing! Melbourne University is ranked 33rd in the world, but beware, Melbourne does have high tuition fees.

London, England

Despite high tuition fees, and a high cost of living, London made it 3rd on the list of best student cities! However, nobody can doubt that London is the center of academia in Europe, with the city’s Imperial College London (ranked 2nd in the world) and Cambridge University nearby. London, like Paris, is also a cultural hub, and is known for diversity, the arts and more! If you’re looking towards a heavy academic future, London may be worth the investment!

Hong Kong

Despite its size (7 million people!) and high profile ranking in the world, many students would be surprised to know that Hong Kong is a very affordable place to live! This city hosts a diverse student community, with Chinese and English students studying together. Despite rent being very expensive, other amenities like eating out and transportation are low enough to offset this cost. Tuition fees are also much lower than in the U.S.! For students going into business, Hong Kong is the place to be!

Boston, US

When you think of Boston, you immediately think Harvard and MIT. There’s a reason why this school is number 5 in the world, and that is because it is a city designed for students. Being a historic city, Boston has a rich cultural, arts and politics scene. Boston is also great for employment. The only downside is a plague which affects all of America, and that is high tuition fees. Expect to pay upwards of $40,000 if you make it into either Harvard or MIT!

Source: The Guardian