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3 Essential Books That Every College Student Should Read

31 JUL 2015
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There’s no denying that books are very powerful. In fact, if the past has taught us anything it is that literature has the ability to change the way we perceive everything. Books have a long history of censorship and banishment, since government officials and religious authorities once believed their contents to be obscene.

However today, books are quite important, as they are an essential part of education.  Reading provides many benefits including mental stimulation, stress reduction, knowledge, and of course, it also improves the imagination. Here are three classic books that every student should read before and during their college experience:

This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The story of a privileged Princeton student who realizes that life is quite difficult after graduation. Therefore, he sets out to find himself. This is a great read for new college students, since most can relate to this exact feeling.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Brave New World is about a “negative utopia” where happiness is important, but individuality is not appreciated. The author explores the loss of identity and the division of society in our future world. This particular novel was banned and pulled of off the shelves in Ireland, due to its controversial themes. Additionally, the US tried to have the book removed from school curriculums, because of its themes on negativity.

Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Hamlet is considered to be one of Shakespeare’s most prominent plays and is a great read for any college student. This is because the play teaches us to accept responsibility for all of our actions and decisions.

Which books would you add to this list?