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3 College Electives that Confirm Times Have Certainly Changed

5 AUG 2015
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Group of friends taking a selfie with smartphone.

If college courses are any indication, a lot has changed over the past decade. While college electives once consisted of options like art history, psychology and foreign language classes, they have since become much more modern and somewhat unorthodox. Here are a few modern college electives that certain schools are offering, as reported by Business Insider.


This course is offered as an elective option at the University of Southern California. The course professor Mark Marino views selfies as something that will eventually pass and become iconic of the 21st century. Marino compares the modern-day sefie to portraits and self-portraits of the past.

“The Hunger Games”: Class, Politics and Marketing

Offered at American University, this course uses the bestselling series as a case study, while examining class, politics and ethics. Some key subjects covered in this class include feminism, rebellion, marketing and more.

The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class Gender, and Media

Miley Cyrus seems to have sparked enough public interest that Skidmore College has begun offering an elective course entirely focussed on the pop star. The course aims to examine the ways in which identities are shaped by the media and pop culture, while placing an emphasis on race, class and gender.

Which of these college electives would you sign up for?