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2015: How to Set Goals that Last a Lifetime

26 JAN 2015
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Remember New Year’s, when you set all those new and positive goals? Some may have abandoned those goals so long ago that they forgot what they were. Others might find themselves struggling to keep up with the change they want to see in themselves. Goals are difficult for a reason – if they were easy, we’d have already accomplished them.

So for those of us (i.e. all of us) who struggle to stick with their goals and tend to fall back into old ways, here is some extremely helpful and simple advice which can makes those dreams a reality.

TEDTalks has narrowed goals down to a science, making them tangible, and revealing that there are actual mechanisms at work which dictate whether you will achieve your goal or not. Psychologist at Stanford, Kelly McGonigal speaks on which mechanisms will ensure your goals are accomplished:

1. What’s important is to set a goal that matters. Not necessarily an easy goal like going to the gym that day, but rather a goal that elicits a deeper change in yourself.

2. Goals are a process and Kelly suggests that goal-setters should focus on this process.

“You can make very, very small changes that are consistent with your big goals without having to understand how you’re going to get to the endgame,” says McGonigal. “If you make daily choices that are consistent with your goal over and over again, you will eventually reach it — though it may look nothing like what you expected.”

3. Prepare for failure. A common reaction to failure is to give up entirely- but this is the easiest way to lose your goals. It’s important to realize that everyone fails, and that eating a fast food meal does not mean your whole fitness regime has failed. Kelly’s best remedy to this feeling of failure and lost motivation is to remind yourself why your goals are important to you.

How do you plan to stick with your 2015 goals?

Source: TED