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103 Year Old Woman Receives Honorary High School Diploma

14 MAY 2015
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87 years after dropping out of high school, 103 year old American Marie Hunt has finally earned her high school diploma.

Before graduating at 16, Marie Hunt had to leave high school to care for her eight siblings while living in rural Wisconsin. That was back in 1928. Now residing in an assisted living home, Marie told her nurse that her one wish was that she could have graduated from high school. Her nurse arranged for the school principal from River Valley High School, where Marie attended nearly 90 years ago, to come visit Marie. A graduation ceremony was performed right at the assisted living facility, where Marie was presented with an honorary high school diploma.

A 99 year old Indiana resident also recently received an honorary high school diploma. Lora Lois LeMond White Hardy had to leave high school back in 1933 to help her family with their business and looking after her seven siblings.

Source: Global News