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13 Dentistry Students Suspended by Dalhousie University

5 JAN 2015
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In early December, Dalhousie University received a formal complaint about a sexually violent Facebook group run by several male 4th year students of the university’s dental school. Following an investigation, it was found that the Facebook group contained sexually violent comments being made about female classmates.

In wake of the discovery of the group, Dalhousie University postponed all 4th year dentistry exams until January. As of December 22nd, the 13 students were put on suspension from school. It is expected that the dentistry students will however continue classes on January 12th.

As a result of the scandal, four Dalhousie faculty members have launched an independent inquiry into sexual violence on campus.

Prior to the discovery of the Facebook group, the Faculty of Dentistry at Dalhousie had received complaints as early as the summer, about sexism, preferential treatment of male students and sexual harassment. Students dropped these charges because they could not be filed anonymously.

What can be done to prevent this conduct on university campuses?

Source: CBC News