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12 Year Old Moncton Author Finishes 2nd Novel

19 JUN 2015
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Whenever a child author comes out with their first book, it’s a wonderful and inspiring moment for everyone in the writing community. Child authors show the tenacity, diligence and passion that many have no developed at a young age—and help keep the spirit of reading alive amongst youth. Some famous teen authors (past and present) include Anne Frank, Marjorie Fleming, Christopher Paolini and Kat Zhang.

12 year old Maika Branch just finished writing her second novel. Her first, Calagarmii Cliffs, has sold over 900 copies already. The Moncton, New Brunswick pre-teen has stated that much of her inspiration comes from playing in the forest—one of her favourite activities aside from writing.

Maika’s mother, Lidia, has in fact been inspired by her daughter’s passion , and picked up from a memoir she started writing 14 years earlier.

 “I said, ‘We’ll write together how about that?’ and she thought it was a great idea.”

Maika’s next book, “The Sister of Serenah” is set for publication soon.

Source: Global News