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100,000 Teens Off the Radar after High School

22 JAN 2015
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Students in a school hallway

We may assume that most people will leave high school with a plan to pursue some sort of training in the form of an apprenticeship, college or university. Despite these assumptions, a recent report in the UK showed that out of 2 million graduated high school students, 148,000 were not in education, employment or training, which is commonly known by the acronym NEETS.

Some are blaming the school boards for failing to provide career advice and preparation for students prior to graduation. Along with the 100,000 untraceable students, the level of graduates taking apprenticeships is down from last year.

Other arguments state that students are being forced to pay too much for transportation and therefore have limited access to colleges and universities, which may be located in more metropolitan areas like London.

In Canada, NEETS rates have actually been on a declining trend, except for a recent spike in the past 2 years. Males account for the primary number of NEET youth.

What can be done to help teens continue their education after high school?