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1000 People Arrested in India’s Cheating Scandal

24 MAR 2015
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Images of parents and relatives clinging onto school walls, where their children sit inside taking a national examination, has been circulating all over world news. More than 1000 people have now been imprisoned for helping students cheat on their exam by slipping cheat sheets, textbooks and scraps of paper through barred school windows. The Indian state of Bihar has already cancelled exams at four centers, after news of the cheating scandal got around.

What is the cause of such a huge cheating conspiracy? The exam, written by all grade 10 students, determines whether they continue on in school – a make or break point in a child’s education in India. At this time, 600 students from Bihar have been expelled for cheating. The punishment for cheating on a national exam can include not taking the test for another 3 years, paying a fine, or even getting sent to jail.

Source: Global News