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100 Year Old School Chalkboard Drawings Discovered

11 JUN 2015
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Staff at Emerson High School in Oklahoma City were surprised to discover 100 year old chalk drawings behind the chalkboards in four of their classrooms. The discoveries were made after the classrooms went under summer renovations.

A date left written on the chalkboard read 11/30/17—American Thanksgiving in 1917—almost a century ago. The boards were signed by the janitors of the school at the time. Why the boards weren’t erased before being covered, and why in fact the boards were not uninstalled first is a mystery, but Emerson teacher Sherry Read believes it was a part of some sort of time capsule project.

The illustrations included turkeys, pilgrim ships and other Thanksgiving-themed drawings, displaying how important this holiday was to citizens at the time.

The high school plans to preserve and keep these chalkboards on display for students returning to school in the fall.

Source: Huffington Post