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10 Canadian Universities Serving Up the Best Food: #9 University of British Columbia

3 NOV 2015
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Welcome to Schools Training Top 10, a weekly roundup of the best and most interesting stories in education. Over the next ten weeks, we will be serving up some delicious details about 10 Canadian universities that are known for their stellar cafeteria food.

The best thing about the food offered at the University of British Columbia is the wide variety of choices that are available. Whether students feel like enjoying a classic Asian dish, a slice of Italian pizza, or perhaps a good ole American hot dog, they can find it all across UBC’s campus. On a vegan or vegetarian diet? No problem—UBC’s Totem Dining Hall has got options to satisfy any craving or restriction.

With more than 30 food service locations featured on UBC’s campus, it’s highly unlikely that its students will ever go hungry. Should they get bored of sitting in one of the lovely campus cafes, restaurants, or residence dining rooms, however, they can seek out one of the many food trucks, which are scattered around campus—we hear The Dog House truck serves an excellent hot dog, with an array of unexpected (but delicious) toppings and condiments!

What’s your favourite place to eat on campus?



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