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10 Canadian Universities Serving Up the Best Food: #7 University of Saskatchewan

20 NOV 2015
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Welcome to Schools Training Top 10, a weekly roundup of the best and most interesting stories in education. Over the next ten weeks, we will be serving up some delicious details about 10 Canadian universities that are known for their stellar cafeteria food.

Whether you’re in the mood for a gourmet meal, a quick bite or just a coffee, the University of Saskatchewan has everything you’ll need located right on its campus! From an array of diverse restaurants to coffeehouses and convenience stores, students may need to search high and low for a reason to leave school.

When discussing food, the university is probably best known for its Marquis Culinary Centre—a buffet-style hall that offers an enormous variety of food items. Students can pop into the dining hall for a one-time meal (which will run them a mere $10.95 +tax), or they could purchase one of the many meal plans offered by the school.

The Marquis menu consists of items that meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans will enjoy. While the menu changes often, some items include butter chicken, home-style garden burgers, roast beef, salad bar and more. In addition, gluten-free options are also available on request.

Curious for a peek at some of the food being served at U of S? Check out the school’s Instagram page!

Of course, should students fancy a simple cup of coffee or a different meal entirely, they can also head to a range of other restaurant chains on campus (or close by) like Extreme Pita, Umi Sushi, Harvey’s or Subway.

Have you dined at the University of Saskatchewan’s Marquis Culinary Centre? Tell us your favourite dish!



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