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10 Most Beautiful Campuses Around the World: #9 Dartmouth College

17 AUG 2015
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Baker and Rauner Libraries on the Dartmouth College Green

Welcome to Schools Training Top 10, a weekly roundup of the best and most interesting stories in education. Over the next ten weeks we will profile a range of colleges that are recognized for their beautiful and unique campuses.

This week, we will discuss the college that holds the number 9 spot on our list of most beautiful college campuses: Dartmouth College.

Dartmouth is located in Hanover, New Hampshire and was founded in 1769, making it one of the oldest colleges in the United States. Recognized for its beautiful campus, Dartmouth is surrounded by countless American elm trees, forests, mountains and of course, the Connecticut River that borders the school’s entire west side.

Not only does Dartmouth offer great educational opportunities, but students also gain access to “the Hop” (the Hopkins Center for the Arts), a cultural hub to Dartmouth students, known as “one of the nation’s exemplary performing arts centers.”

Additionally, Dartmouth students can spend their free time on campus exploring the college’s iconic Baker-Berry Library.



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