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10 Most Beautiful Campuses Around the World: #2 University of Oxford

5 OCT 2015
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Welcome to Schools Training Top 10, a weekly roundup of the best and most interesting stories in education. Over the next ten weeks we will profile a range of colleges that are recognized for their beautiful and unique campuses.

We’re quickly approaching our last weeks of ST’s Most Beautiful Campuses Around the World—with only 2 campuses left to mention! Sitting at the number 2 spot on our list is the UK’s renowned University of Oxford.

Founded in 1096, the University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. While the school does not have a single, central campus, it does consist of 38 individual self-governing colleges—all of which are extremely beautiful.

Some of the most iconic university buildings at Oxford include the Sheldonian Theatre—which is used for music concerts, ceremonies and lectures—as well as the Christ Church College and Magdalen College.

For the most part, many of the University’s buildings boast a gothic style. Magdalen College, for example, consists of a soaring Gothic tower. In fact, it is among the most recognizable features of the city’s skyline. Similarly, Christ Church College is famous for “Old Tom,” which is also a tall tower. The cathedral features gorgeous stained glass windows and a high vaulter Gothic ceiling.

In addition to its beautiful buildings, the University of Oxford is also surrounded by tons of wonderful greenery.



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