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10 Most Beautiful Campuses Around the World: #1 Vienna University of Economics and Business

15 OCT 2015
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Welcome to Schools Training Top 10, a weekly roundup of the best and most interesting stories in education. Over the next ten weeks we will profile a range of colleges that are recognized for their beautiful and unique campuses.

After 10 weeks of anticipation, it’s finally time for us to announce the school that (in our own opinion) boasts the most beautiful campus in the world. So, which school is the lucky winner of this title? While there are tons of stunning campuses worldwide, we just couldn’t take our eyes off of Vienna University of Economics and Business’ (WU) modern and stunning buildings!

Apart from the school’s Old Building of Hochschule für Welthandel, WU’s buildings are among the most cutting-edge we’ve seen thus far. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the school’s Library and Learning Center (which consists of two separate buildings) features tons of curves and fluid lines—a staple to Zaha Hadid’s designs.

What makes this campus even more unique is that its buildings are designed by architectural firms ranging from Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and even Japan. While WU’s Library and Learning Center is the dominant element of the campus, some other noteworthy buildings include; Building EA (Executive Academy) and Department 4.



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