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Early career academics make mark on REF

17 FEB 2014

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Nearly a fifth of academics submitted to the 2014 research excellence framework were early career academics with fewer than the standard four outputs.

The figures are contained in a breakdown of submission data for the REF, published by the four UK funding councils on 13 February.

As previously announced, 155 institutions made submissions to the REF by the 29 November deadline. A total of 52,077 full-time equivalent staff were submitted, compared with 52,401 to the 2008 research assessment exercise.

The REF figure amounts to 28 per cent of the 185,585 academics who were in post in 2012-13, while those submitted to the last RAE represented 30 per cent of the 174,945 staff in post in 2007-08, according to figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

The biggest decline in volume of academics submitted, 5 per cent, was to main panel D, which covers the arts and humanities. The number submitted to main panels A (biomedicine) and C (the social sciences) both fell by 3 per cent. However, submissions to main panel B, which covers the physical sciences, rose by 9 per cent.

The highest number of staff, 14,415, was submitted to main panel C. The smallest number, 10,698, was submitted to main panel D.


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