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Digital age of opportunity for the monograph

16 JAN 2014

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The transition to open-access digital publishing in the arts and humanities could provide exciting opportunities for the monograph.

This is the view of Geoffrey Crossick, distinguished professor of humanities at the School of Advanced Study, University of London, who has been commissioned by the Higher Education Funding Council for England to investigate issues surrounding open-access monographs and other long, scholarly works.

Professor Crossick, a former vice-chancellor of the University of London, said discussion around open access often focused on “challenges and threats” but it was important to remember that there were clear opportunities.

For monographs, these included the ability for authors to make additional datasets available for academics to work with. Monographs could also contain extra images that it may not be possible to include in a traditional book print run.

Professor Crossick added that such additions could be “really exciting”. “The monograph can become a much more dynamic form of communication with readers; so a community of people is built up around the monograph engaging with it,” he said.


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