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How has debt from higher fees changed students?

13 MAR 2014

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Most students still feel positive about their investment in their education despite the higher tuition fees faced by first- and second-year students at university in 2013-14, the Sodexo-Times Higher Education University Lifestyle Survey reveals.

About a quarter of students (26 per cent) said that the amount of debt they expected to incur was definitely acceptable as an investment in their future career, while 38 per cent said it probably was.

But dissatisfaction levels rose sharply compared with the previous survey in the 2011-12 academic year. This time, 28 per cent of students said that their university study would not be worthwhile in the long run – an increase of 10 percentage points on the 18 per cent who felt this way two years ago.

Those studying humanities and arts were most troubled by value-for-money concerns: 36 per cent stated that their expected debts on graduation were not a worthwhile investment – more than twice the rate of those on courses in medicine and allied subjects (17 per cent).

Students at older universities were less likely to worry about debt levels than those at post-1992 universities, with 25 per cent viewing their investment in education as unacceptable, versus 30 per cent at newer institutions.


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