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Carleton Students Approve Fee Hike

6 MAR 2012
Topic : New Campus

At a time when Quebec students are violently clashing with authorities and protesting proposed tuition hikes (which would still keep them on the low-end of the tuition scale), students at Carleton University voted in favour of a fee increase that will give them access to a new fitness centre (and new equipment).

Carleton University

The new 11,000 sq. ft.centre, which will replace the current cardio room, will face Bronson Avenue. It will feature a lot of windows and natural light (which is always a great idea for a fitness center – who wants to work out under neon lights?).

In all, 2,729 students (roughly 70 per cent) voted in favour of the new fitness centre, with 1,087 voting against it. This total only represents roughly a third of the total student population, but it’s nevertheless a good showing, and is being considered an indication of how important students find on-campus fitness facilities.

Currently, students are served by a 5,700 sq. ft. fitness centre, which is considered too small for the student body’s needs. This facility will now be converted into two sections: a high-performance heavy weight room (which we can assume is for athletics’ programs and teams) and a general student activity space for fitness and dance.

At the moment, the student athletics fee at Carleton University is $75.80 per term or $71.93 for full time graduate students. This is one of the lowest in Ontario (the provincial average is $91.20). The proposed increase would see the fee raise by $12.50 per term, which will still keep them below the provincial average.

Construction of the new fitness centre is expected to cost approximately $2 million, with a completion date of spring 2013.