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Better careers guidance ‘will reduce dropout rates’

21 MAR 2014

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Improving career guidance before students apply to university would significantly cut dropout rates, analysis suggests.

According to a Department for Business, Innovation and Skills research paper that followed almost 106,000 students who applied to university in 2005-06, those who consulted only a few sources of advice when picking their degree course were far more likely to drop out by the end of their first year.

Those who spoke highly of the advice they received in sixth form were also far more likely to finish their degree, says the report, based on the Futuretrack survey run by the University of Warwick’s Institute for Employment Research.

The report, Learning from Futuretrack: Dropout from Higher Education, published on 10 March 2014, recommends that universities provide “more intensive sources of advice” when undertaking outreach projects with schools.

This conclusion is likely to strengthen the case for an overhaul of the careers advice service in schools, which has been responsible for this issue since 2012. Three-quarters of schools provide inadequate advice, an Ofsted report found in September 2013.


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