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New Canadian Visa Rules Let International Grad Students Work

29 JAN 2013
Topic : Education News

Changes to limited student visas for foreign masters and PhD students will now allow them to work in their respective fields while completing post-graduate degrees.

Foreign post-grad students typically receive about three or four years of funding, and, in the past, they were limited to working on campus, which clearly restricted the potential for relevant work experience. It also forced some students back home to find work while writing theses.

Those restrictions have been lifted over the past two years, however, and foreign grad students can now work up to 20 hours in a job related to their education while in Canada. Furthermore, once they have completed their degree, the Canadian government now grants them a three-year work visa. This visa gives them the chance to adapt to the field, and helps Canada retain foreign workers trained in the country.

The Calgary Herald looks further into this issue, illustrating the benefit to an engineering student in Calgary. The article states that with increased oil development, and thousands of current Albertan engineers reaching retirement, an expansion of the talent pool will be necessary, making governmental policy-changes like this essential.

What do you think? Is this the right approach?