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Four Canadian Universities Rank Among the Top 100 in the World

5 FEB 2014
Topic : Education News

In keeping abreast of the world of college news, it appears that Canadians have some of the best higher education options in the world – at least according to the latest World University Rankings that place four of Canada’s best higher education institutions in the top 100. The University of Toronto, McGill University, McMaster University and the University of British Columbia all placed in the list of the top 100 universities from around the globe. So what exactly is it about these fine schools that make them such great institutions and celebrated additions to any college directory?

University of Toronto

At number 20, the University of Toronto is the highest ranking Canadian university on the list, and it’s not hard to see why. A world famous school for the success of its students alone, the University of Toronto also has a research library that rivals those of Harvard and Yale and holds partnerships with world renowned hospitals for its medical students. With three beautiful and distinct campuses in Toronto, Mississauga and Scarborough, the University of Toronto is home to over 80,000 students in all, and its graduates have gone on to complete amazing feats from discovering stem cells to patenting paint-on solar panels.

McGill University

Smack in the centre of Montreal, one of the most culturally diverse cities in Canada, McGill University is renowned for its international student population, its schools of medicine and law, and its more than 300 varied and celebrated programs of study. Founded in 1821 by fur trader James McGill, it’s one of Canada’s oldest and most respected universities, having churned out famous alumni like actor William Shatner, musicians Win Butler and Regine Chassagne of the Arcade Fire and novelist John Ralston Saul. It definitely deserves its number 35 ranking!

McMaster University

The little university that could, McMaster sits quietly in Hamilton, Ontario and is home to over 23,000 students and 72 varieties of trees. From cracking the mysteries of the black plague to housing Canada’s largest nuclear reactor, McMaster is a bustling hub of science and student success. If you were keeping up on your education news, you’d know that McMaster’s alumni includes a plethora of Nobel Prize winners, comedians like Eugene Levy and Martin Short, and the first woman in space, Roberta Bondar. It’s not hard to see why McMaster is one of the top universities in the country, clocking in at number 92.

University of British Columbia

The watchful ruler of the West Coast, the University of British Columbia or “UBC,” ranks on the list at number 31. Among the top research universities in the world, UBC alumni have garnered seven Nobel Prizes, 68 Rhodes Scholarships and 64 Olympic medals. Not to mention UBC produced two of Canada’s Prime Ministers – Kim Campbell and John Turner – as well as George Stanley, the creator of the Canadian flag, researcher and scientist David Suzuki, and Lost actress Evangeline Lily.

So congratulations, Canada! Not only is it a great honour to have these four excellent universities recognized as some of the best in the world, but it’s well deserved!